Over 18 years of professional design experience that largely comprises of designing user experience for products and applications. Either leading or working as part of a design team and collaborating with cross functional teams in an agile product development environment. Driven by passion for user insights, creative arts and design, I work to transform unstructured thoughts and ideas in to finely crafted products.

I have been lucky to have shipped products and features that have transformational value for business and customers. Over the years, I have cherished designing user experiences that either delight users or subtly improve their behavior with products. Understanding and anticipating user needs, voicing their concerns and behavior to positively influence the product design and development. 

I am currently working as Senior UX Designer with Video Shopping Experience (VSE) team at Amazon. I have also built, managed and contributed to design teams at Microsoft, Yahoo! and Infosys among others in my journey before Amazon.



Varshesh Joshi

Seattle, WA

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