Mannequins as street photography, was the beginning of my love for photography. It was when my design school professor Kirti Trivedi showed his work in the very first class of photography. Prof. Trivedi is one of the greatest, multi-disciplinary, designers of the country. However, not many people are aware of his photography talent and certainly you will not find any of his photography work on the net. So, while I went on a did a six month photography project under his guidance I have never been confident of showing my work to him. 

There are certain advantages of shooting mannequins, as starter for street photographers. First subject is never distracted and is stationary so you can take your time to compose and move close or far.

Although they are well lit throughout the day, I feel, the best time to shoot them is at dawn and in the twilight time period. In SF this time period lasts good 5 to 6 hours, the city is lit and there is always good enough ambient natural lights. If you are shooting them from street, you are shooting them through glass, that can be reflecting mostly the object in front. Once you realise this there is great amount of light, angle and booked play you can do while taking a shot. Remember your subject will always wait for you.

All the images that you see here are treated in post production using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop and with Nik software. However, there are no superimposition or additional manipulation. All to make it as pretty and exciting as I experienced them in reality

Sometimes, the reality feels much more pretty because we are there in the moment experiencing it and we know no picture then on later on can depict the whole story of your experience. That moment is filled with both sadness and joy. Being in that moment is enough if you get to press a shutter button, awesome.